Celebrations Under a Tree

Trees are awesome (or at least I think so)! So of course I love, love, love the idea of having a celebration under/by a tree.

Just look at these pictures. Beautiful!


The bright colors against the browns and greens of the environment are wonderful. (More at Green Wedding Shoes)


Lights? Yes, please! (Read about this wedding at OnceWed)


This feels so natural and intimate. (See more at The Krolenzeks)

A more elaborate design, but not overdone. The tree still takes center stage. (This and other backdrops at Love and Lavender)


I love the simplicity of this one. (Read the post at Intimate Weddings)


Simply lovely. (See more at Style Me Pretty)

Looking at these pictures 1) makes me long for spring and summer and 2) makes me want to plan a party and have it under a big tree.

Weigh in: Do you like trees as ceremony/celebration backdrops? Also, do you prefer the trees with or without decorations? I think I love ’em both ways!