Celebrating Spring with Flowers

Recently, a bounty of clearance flowers at the grocery store caught my eye. I LOVE flowers and would have at least one bouquet in my house at all times if it were possible. Since I recently developed an interest in flower arranging/bouquet making, I grabbed a few of the deeply discounted beauties and brought them home.

With knowledge gleaned from YouTube videos (I especially like the ones by Diana Ryan), some basic floral supplies, and an eye for prettiness, I got to work and created the bouquet below for a friend’s birthday.

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Celebrations Under a Tree

Trees are awesome (or at least I think so)! So of course I love, love, love the idea of having a celebration under/by a tree.

Just look at these pictures. Beautiful!

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Dresses That Pop!

I tend to shy away from attention-grabbing attire, which normally leaves me with dark fabrics and few patterns. To my surprise, I am ridiculously attracted  to sparkly, bright, and multi-colored dresses. I found this out when I saw this post on Offbeat Bride. After seeing the dress featured there, I immediately did a search for colorful special occasion dresses (because, yeah, that’s what I do for fun).

Here are some of my favorite colorful/alternative dresses.

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